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Download Knights of Pen & paper 2 2 MOD APK 2.5.89 android modded game; Best Free rpg games offline, Get this game free for your android mobile phone and android devices.

Game Developer:

Knights of Pen & Paper is a best offline rpg games for android developed by Behold Studios  which published by Paradox Interactive.

Knights of Pen & Paper was released on October 30, 2012 for iOS and Android, is going very cheap on Android right now and on June 18, 2013 for Windows, Mac

Knights of Pen and Paper is a cute adaptation of android and iOS RPGs where you are both the game master and the players.

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 MOD APK 2.5.89 is available to download right now.

New Features of Knights of Pen & paper 2 MOD APK 2.5.89

  1. Ultimate retro role-playing simulation
  2. Fully customization party, (Players to Game room)
  3. Crafting systems with expanded equipment
  4. New dozens of locations, dynamic dungeons.

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 MOD APK

What’s new in Knights of Pen & paper 2 MOD APK 2.5.89

  1. Bug-fixes and improvements.
  2. Faster combat
  3. Ambush now respect party level correctly
  4. Random high level ambushes
  5. Surfer passive fixed
  6. Gold bonus items
  7. Mana replenish now removes poison if equal or above total poison
  8. VIP items-Lute-now works as intended
  9. Shorten the splash screen when starting up the game

MOD information:

  1. Unlocked DLC, Magazines etc
  2. Free revive
  3. Unlimited MP
  4. Coin: increase instead of decrease
  • Size: 72MB
  • Version: 2.5.89
  • Requires Android OS: Minimum 2.3.3

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Knights of Pen and Paper is a charming adjustment of tabletop RPGs where you are both the game ace and the players, and control everything from the missions you leave on to the beasts you experience. It’s a fun little recipe, and now everybody can try it out on account of Knights of Pen and Paper 2‘s recently discharged free release.

Knights of Pen and Paper is currently free, with a completely improved battle adjust and ingame economy. A greater amount of everything! We will persistently enhance the game; make sure to keep the game refreshed!

Players depict both gathering and game ace playing a tabletop RPG, and must collect both their characters, and the difficulties they will confront.

“There’s something really charming about Knights of Pen and Paper 2, particularly in case you’re a fan or tabletop pretending. It jabs fun, however it’s constantly warm towards its topic.”- Pocket Gamer.

There are three procedural created prisons in the Knights of Pen and Paper, going about as the starting, center, and end of your battle. Going into rooms will trigger some sort of powerful occasion. A few occasions can be to your advantage – unearthing gold or things. Your gathering may likewise discover a detainee who draws the cell design on your guide or reveals to all of you the trap areas. However, as a general rule, you’ll wind up in battle with beasts and different insidiousness people.

Adversary fights are turn based experiences against crowd writes in light of the game region. Like any tabletop RPG, turn arranges depends on the activity details of your gathering and the foe’s gathering.

Similarly as in Knights of Pen and Paper 1, battling bigger horde gatherings or going up against an assortment of foe writes rewards you with bigger XP reward.

A few areas additionally highlight zone impacts that add buffs to the combat zone – normally in the adversary’s support.

Common afflictions incorporate toxin and consume harm, however your characters can likewise get befuddled and assault party individuals, be dazed and lose a turn, or enter an anger where the main choice is straight-up assaulting foes.

You’ll confront a couple of troublesome manager fights amid the story journeys, yet it’s nothing that a pounding session beforehand can’t settle.

To achieve the Paper Knight, you will battle all way of monsters extending from humble snakes to sky privateers. The turn-based battle has been augmented since the principal game, where the strategies for the most part came down to finding your most loved capacity and putting the majority of your ability focuses into it.

Knights of Pen and Paper’s character classes still component four capacities each, yet it never again feels like there’s solitary one clear decision. The continuation is more centered around status impacts, for example, wound, shortcoming, stagger, and toxic substance. I was glad to find that the RPG sin of futile status impacts wasn’t executed here – the lion’s share of foes can be focused by these capacities, and they even start to feel important as the plot advances.

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